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Missouri-owned. Missouri-operated.

NEXGEN Silica is a silica sand processor and distributor based in southeast Missouri. The leadership team of NEXGEN Silica is proud to live in and run its operations out of the Show-Me State.  Missouri and its rail, water, and interstate distribution routes offer a significant logistical advantage for the potential domestic and international customers of NEXGEN Silica's products.  Furthermore, NEXGEN's leadership team is privileged to build its team with members of one of the finest workforces in the United States.

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Meet the Team

Learn our Mission

To support worldwide innovation by responsibly and sustainably producing and efficiently distributing natural resources vital to our world's way of life.

Know Our Values

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We believe our company is only as good as our ability to keep our employees, business associates, and community safe. Safety means proactively implementing systems and processes that lead to a safe workplace and overall environment beyond our plant boundaries.

Nexgen Silica Mining with a Mission

Philanthropy is a driving factor in our slogan, "Mining with a Mission."  We take extracting and distributing our planet's vital natural resources very seriously. That's why we strive to give back to the people, community, and environment that make our company duty a reality.

Nexgen Silica Core Values Integrity Moral Compass_edited_edited.jpg

We believe in the value of integrity as individuals and as a company.  Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.  To us, integrity means making the most morally and ethically-centered decisions, no matter what.

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Sustainability also significantly contributes to our slogan, "Mining with a Mission."  We want our carbon footprint to be as efficient to the environment and its resources as possible.  That's why we are implementing highly efficient and industry-leading methods that minimize our natural resource consumption and maximize our company effectiveness.

Nexgen Silica Core Values Accountability

We believe in being people of our word. So when we say we're going to do something, we want following through on our commitment to be our #1 priority. We believe in being accountable to our team, community, and the environment.

NEXGEN Silica Core Value Innovation_edited.jpg

We believe all things that grow were designed with a purpose
to progress into better versions of themselves. That's why we believe in ongoing growth and innovation. We want our company, its people, systems, and processes to be better tomorrow than they were today.

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