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Market Overview

Silica sand is our product.  Logistics is our business.

NEXGEN Silica will produce and efficiently distribute some of the highest and most popular grades of silica sand available to the energy, industrial, and recreational markets.  It's one thing to produce some of the most consistent and accurate mesh types, but our real value is our logistical advantage.  NEXGEN Silica will offer the options of barge, rail, and truck to service its customers.  These logistical features enable NEXGEN to distribute its product domestically and internationally in the most efficient means of distribution available.

Product Markets


NEXGEN Silica is proud to offer a logistics team and infrastructure that is designed to be the most efficient in the silica sand processing and distribution industry.  Our team is comprised of individuals that collectively offer over 100+ years of experience in logistics.  Furthermore, our product can be delivered by barge, rail, and truck.  Those three delivery options, combined with our strategic location and our team's logistics experience are certain to offer a solution tailored to every customer to minimize product costs, minimize shipping fuel consumption, and maximize our company's efficiency.  The rail and water distribution methods drastically reduce truck traffic.

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