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NEXGEN Silica Strutting Turkey in Wildlife Opening.jpeg

An Eastern wild turkey struts in a wildlife opening.

Mining with a Mission

Next to air and water, sand is humans' most consumed natural resource worldwide.  Sand is used in the production and manufacturing process of countless industries and products ranging from solar panels, energy, recreation, microchips, construction, concrete/asphalt, glass, paint, ceramics, refractories, beauty, etc.  Sand is one of the most critical ingredients in our way of life, and its limited worldwide supply and significant consumption have led to an exponentially increasing demand for it.  NEXGEN Silica is addressing the high domestic and global demand for silica sand by working to obtain approval to mine silica sand in Ste. Genevieve County, MO.


The surrounding vicinity of the proposed mine site and Ste. Genevieve County, MO, as a whole, thrives with native plants and wildlife and is full of citizens and tourists that take pride in the tradition of enjoying the area's wildlife through camping, hiking, horseback riding, and a rich tradition of hunting and fishing.  To give back to the land and the region NEXGEN Silica intends to operate in, the NEXGEN Silica team conceived the campaign, "Mining with a Mission."  Mining with a Mission will be NEXGEN Silica's approach to mining, prioritizing conservation by seeking ways to directly impact native wildlife and plant species, benefiting the impacted species and the countless people that enjoy them.  Significant partnerships and projects in the works will be activated immediately upon NEXGEN's approval to mine, which will lead to the creation or improvement of thousands of acres of wildlife habitats in the first-of-its-kind program by any mining company in the world.

NEXGEN Silica Eastern turkey hens and poults.jpeg

Eastern wild turkey hens and their poults forage in a wildlife opening.

The components of the Mining with a Mission campaign are currently being worked on as you read this, so please check this page over the upcoming weeks to learn how NEXGEN Silica is working in a major way to ascertain that if it is approved to mine, its actions will have an exponentially positive impact year-after-year on Ste. Genevieve County as a whole and the native plants and wildlife that call it home.  Mining with a Mission will serve as one of many investments NEXGEN Silica intends to make in Ste. Genevieve County, MO.  Mining with a Mission will be an investment in conservation efforts by improving, restoring, and creating wildlife habitats, benefitting countless amounts of native wildlife species that either live in or pass through Ste. Genevieve County.

A bobwhite quail in early successional growth.jpeg

A male bobwhite quail sings its unmistakeable "bob-white" song.

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